Aesthetic Climbing Gym

This Sunday, my brother and I attended the highly anticipated ACG opening competition.
The $3,000 first place cash prize drew elite climbers from all over. Jon Cardwell, who flashed
all five qualifier routes and two of the three finals routes, took first for men. Alex Johnson, being
the only one to finish women's final problem 3, took first for women. Here are the rest of the
results and some photos from finals.

1. Jon Cardwell
2. Kyle Owen
3. Rob Danastasio
4. Garrett Gregor
5. Daniel Woods
6. Matt Wilder
7. Michael Orourke
8. Roland Wagner
9. Ian Dory
10. Brian Kim

1. Alex Johnson
2. Courtney Sanders
3. Nina Williams
4. Sierra Blair-Coyle
5. Natasha Banes
6. Kati Hetrick
7. Nicole Grider
8. Vian Charbonneau
9. Jill Carpenter
10. Mariana Mendoza 

Sierra Blair-Coyle keeping her balance on the Women's 1

Looking at the finish

Nina Williams looking up Women's 1

Jon Cardwell, taking a look at what's to come on the rest of Men's 1  

Matt Wilder, bustin ' out the roof on Men's 1

Matt Wilder on burly Men's 2

Daniel Woods finishing up Men's 3

Congratulations everyone! It was a great competition and I can't wait for next year.

           - Itai