Presidents Day Bishop Trip

It was a beautiful three-day weekend. The weather was perfect and people flocked to Bishop from all over the country. Despite the large crowds, Jason, Nick, Cody and I still managed to have a great time climbing, heckling and stargazing. Here are some photos of the trip:

The Sierras

Cody, testing his balance on Robinson’s Rubber Tester (V0)

Jason snagging the pinch on Soul Slinger (V9)

Nick warming down on the jugs of China Doll (V0)

Cody, with a last minute send of Last Dance (V9). Photo credit: Jason Morgan

Itai, with a last minute send of Standing Kill Order (V10). Photo credit: Jason Morgan

Itai finishing up a flash of Queen Sweet Nectar (V9). Photo credit: Jason Morgan

Itai attempting The Swarm (V13/14). Photo credit: Jason Morgan

Thanks for driving, Cody!
Thanks for the awesome photos, Jason!

 - Itai


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