Joe's Valley

I spent what in all likelihood will be my last spring break in Joe's Valley. Dusty, chossy, beautiful Joe's Valley! A far cry from the sunny beaches of Cabo San Lucas. Anyway, here are some photos from the trip.

The snowy approach to Dairy Queen Canyon.

Myself, on the stellar Superman, V10

Nate dog on the same Superman.

"Enjoying" a camp meal after a hard day's work out in the boulders.

Kayla, navigating a tricky river crossing.

Kayla on Vertical Ice (V6)

Sara topping out the Scary Monsters boulder.

Yet another climb on the Scary Monsters boulder.

On the last day, I grabbed a quick send of Pagan Poetry (V11), Beyond Life Sit (V12), and Blackout (V13) for a send off triple double. Check out the video from the trip for more - Joe's Valley Bouldering.

Till next time!

- Itai