Route Crag Date Comment
Wolf at the Door Sheep Nose / Main 2020-03-15 No comment
Xyz Roy / bear boulder 2020-03-21 3rd try, 4th ascent? Should have flashed but it's a wee bit scary and I crumbled a foothold which didn't help. This couldn't be more my style
Free Range (aka Cage Free Assis) Boulder Canyon / Castle Rock 2019-11-04 Needed this! Felt like poop on it yesterday, glad I got the second session in today. Very slight dab on Mike's hand for the last move but I'll take it
Evil Backwards Mt Evans / lincoln lake 2019-08-09 Dang! Did it in a single after work sesh but certainly didn't feel easy. Wish it was in a larger hole maybe it would be a prouder line then. Fun movement tho!
Top Notch RMNP / Middle Chaos 2019-07-28 One off the life list! Quick and in the heat so didn't expect it. Please stop stashing pads and leaving your ticks homies. Try to leave no trace
Blackout Joes Valley / Left Fork 2018-03-31 Great rock, great movement! Very much my style, sent in an hour or less to start off a triple double. Maybe a 12?
Meadowlark Lemon Stand Red Rock / Gateway Canyon 2018-02-19 Too bad it got messed with, it really is a beautiful block
The Swarm Buttermilks / Secretes of the Beehive 2017-09-23 A perfect crimp line. It doesn't get much bette than this
Nuthin but sunshine RMNP / Lower Chaos 2017-09-15 So hot and gross in the park. Happy to send this annoying climb haha
Direction Buttermilks / Peabodies 2012-02-20 Wow! so psyched. First of the grade
Double Dutchez Guanella Pass / dark horse boulder 2020-06-29 Still feeling soft...
Love mattress Guanella Pass / beyond matters 2020-06-27 Feelin soft rn
diamondback Unknown Crag 2020-04-11 Really proud fun line! One of the better ones in the canyon. Low end or maybe hard 11.
Ain't no heaven for a thug Wild Basin 2019-10-26 Amazing and fun line! I unknowingly started one jug too high, though I doubt doing another V0 move makes this any harder
Naked and Afraid Wild Basin 2019-10-05 Such good flow on this one. One of the best in the park!
The Exfoliator Mt Evans / lincoln lake 2019-10-01 Such a fun climb with the double clutch! Only a few tries, must fit me well
European Human Being Lower Chaos 2019-09-28 Probably a moonboard benchmark 7C haha. Almost worth the painful dry fire
Secret Splendour Lower Chaos 2019-08-05 cool
Mind Matters Guanella Pass / mind matters 2019-07-29 Really fun! Probs only 12 if you're short and it's hot lol
Blood Money Upper Chaos 2019-07-20 Sick! From proper low start but still low end
No More Greener Grasses Mt Evans / area a 175a0 2019-06-09 All time! Glad to do it in a quick session
Barefoot on Sacred Ground North Mountain 2019-01-23 Fantastic movement. Only three tries
One love Tuolumne Meadows / road side 2018-07-10 Definitely low end but very fun and aesthetic
High Lonesome Rambler Tuolumne Meadows / mariuolumne bench 2018-07-10 Worth the hike! A bit scary with only two pads
the glow worm Unknown Crag 2018-04-15 Second or third ascent? I remember finding and cleaning this problem with the crew way back in the day. Happy to return to it and put it down. Harder than every other 12 at black IMO
Bang On Unknown Crag 2018-04-14 So good!
Der Kapitän Unknown Crag 2018-04-14 3rd 12 of the day to finish off a quad double!!! So psyched
Beyond Life sit Right Sign 2018-03-31 Fun! Just a few goes
power slave Unknown Crag 2018-02-19 Fun and simple crimp climb, only a few goes.
Teahupoo Unknown Crag 2018-02-04 Incredible boulder, perhaps not a 12...
howl's moving castle Unknown Crag 2018-02-04 The best line in black! So close to the flash but punted the 5.10 top out...
Scatterbrain & Co Hidden Valley Campground 2018-01-28 Such a great line! This one gave me trouble for some reason
Gasperini Druids 2018-01-15 Pretty fun, beautiful setting
A Maze of Death Bardini Boulders 2018-01-14 RIP my tips
A Scanner Darkly Buttermilks 2017-11-12 Hardest 12 in the milks
Black mamba The Beach 2017-10-08 Area classic!
Mandala Buttermilks 2017-09-22 Such a classic. Glad I did it before it broke again
The Squaminator Lost World 2017-08-24 On the last day of the trip!
The Summoning Murrin Park 2017-08-18 First 12 years after my first 13 haha
Smokin' the Tree Stand Rock shop / ufo boulder 2020-05-25
Mobbin' Around Unknown Crag 2020-04-07 Pretty fun actually
echale (stand) Unknown Crag 2020-03-10 I need more 8As in my pyramid
Twisted Methods Thunder Ridge 2020-01-26
Dragons Claw Wild Basin 2019-10-20 OG start & no drop knee. Maybe still 7C+?
Bush Pilot Lower Chaos 2019-09-28 Fun climb if you don't try it in 80 degree weather
Phobos Mt Evans / lincoln lake 2019-08-24 not v10 imo
gem thief Rock shop / lander 2019-07-07
Gobot Lower Chaos 2019-06-29 Really fun! Did it in 3 tries or so
Dark Age North Mountain 2019-01-23 First try. Fingers numbed out for the finish
A New Map Of Hell East Mountain 2019-01-20 Great climb, but in no way is this V12 (as much as I would like it to be). Glad to see this boulder open and hope to see it stay that way
Diaphanous sea North Mountain 2019-01-19 One of the best! Should of warmed up and flashed this, prob V10
Tequila Sunrise North Mountain 2019-01-19 Excited to flash. Great line with full value jump move and finish
Cage Free Castle Rock 2018-12-21 What a move! 3 tries. Have to come back and try the sit
Out of Your League Tuolumne Meadows / tenaya lake 2018-07-10 Great climb!
Beowulf YMCA 2018-04-30 Mega line. Epic screaming barffies
Trent's Mom Left Fork 2018-03-31 classic. Update: upgrading for consistency
Pagan Poetry right sign boulder 2018-03-31 Should of flashed but slipped out of the finish jug : (
Man From the Past Left Fork 2018-03-31
La Belette Buttermilks 2017-11-12
For Pete's Sake Buttermilks 2017-10-16 Out in the Secrets area. Still waiting on grade confirmation though
Running Scared Lower Chaos 2017-09-11
Black Hole (right) Unknown Crag 2017-08-18
The Perfect Cave North walls 2017-08-18
Scenic crank low Buttermilks 2017-03-26 3rd go! This one rarely gets done despite being right in the main area.
Xavier's Roof Buttermilks 2016-02-14
Blood Drive The Underground 2016-01-31
Blackfeet The Underground 2016-01-31
He Got Game Happy Boulders 2012-11-26
Crimps of Wrath The Buttermilks 2012-03-21 In the cave area to the left of The Buttermilker. Update: upgraded after several repeats. Who knows
Grotesque Old Woman Sit Brickyard 2012-02-05 The first to do it after a hold broke. Might still be a 10.
beefy gecko Sad Boulders 2011-12-22 As hard as beefcake.
Whiplash Pine Mountain / happy hunting grounds 2011-10-15 Fun!
Rogered in the shower Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
The Egg Unknown Crag 2010-07-11
Thunderbird Buttermilks 2008-04-11
The Giving Tree Rock shop / ufo 2020-05-25 So good
Chimichanga Right (crouch) Coal Creek / scoop 2020-05-18 Ugh
Dai-a-bolical Stand Coal Creek 2020-05-17
Bierstadt Mt Evans / area a 175a0 2020-05-02 Numbed out at the top first go. Should of warmed up haha
Moulin Rouge Catslab 2020-04-20
Stanley Kubrick 268 Mile Marker 2020-04-19 Did it first try but doesn't count as a flash because I stupidly hung on the holds during a padless recon mission last year.
Rhino Illness Boulders 2020-04-19 Low-key hard
dark waters stand New RIver Wall 2020-04-07
Purity Control Matthew Winters / millennium boulder 2019-12-08 The less moves the better
Riddles in the Dark Upper Chaos 2019-08-04 too smarmy for the sit, must return :(
Don't Get Too Greedy Stand Upper 2019-07-20 The sit looks hard
dark horse Guanella Pass / g pass 2019-07-13 Yeee
Crimping Matters Guanella Pass / matters area 2019-07-13
Deep Puddle Dynamics Lower Chaos 2019-06-29 Should of flashed. After the break maybe low end v10 or very hard v9? Time will tell
Macho Man Wild Basin 2019-06-01 Don't dab
The Dragons Tail Wild Basin 2019-06-01 Thanks for the spray Ike. Doubt it's 8A
Wu Tang East/S Curve area 2019-01-27 Fun and crimpy
Power of Silence North Mountain 2019-01-19 So good and soooo sharp
Loaded With Power North Mountain 2019-01-19 Not a single knee-bar was used
Blood Money Stand Chaos Canyon 2018-09-23 Is this really a climb?
Galaxy 5000 Tuolumne Meadows / puppy dome 2018-07-10
Left Beowolf Unknown Crag 2018-04-28 The crimp line left of Beow. Start standing.
Seven Pines Arete Low Unknown Crag 2018-04-28 2nd Ascent?
Adamantium Sit Start Unknown Crag 2018-04-14
Resident evil Area 51 2018-03-31 From the proper low start
Fingerhut Right Fork 2018-03-31
Beyond Life UT 2018-03-31
Lactation Station Dairyland Canyon 2018-03-31 2go
Scrawny and Brawny ManSize 2018-03-31
Superman Halloween Town 2018-03-26 2go
Man is the Bastard Upper OK Corral 2018-02-04
Brute Us Lions Mane 2018-01-07
kandahar Unknown Crag 2017-12-17
Stained Glass Buttermilks 2017-09-23
Stinkbug Glacier Gorge 2017-09-13
Infinite Stink Stinkbug 2017-09-13 fun variation
lone endeavors Unknown Crag 2017-09-13
Friday The 13th Upper Chaos 2017-09-12
Green 45 Stand Upper Chaos 2017-09-12 sharp. Looks like there might be cool sit start to this one
McFly Middle Chaos 2017-09-12 More like McDabby
Disdain Unknown Crag 2017-08-18
Greenpeace sit Icebergs 2017-05-21 double double
Nicole Overhang Planet X 2017-04-04
Evilution (to the lip) Buttermilks 2017-03-27
Pope's hat Buttermilks 2017-03-26
The Yogi Unknown Crag 2017-03-12
americana exotica Kraft Wash 2016-12-29
Vicarious Unknown Crag 2015-11-29
Blood Diamond Unknown Crag 2015-11-29 pre-break
Involuntary Lunge Pine Mountain / happy hunting grounds 2015-11-09
First come first served The creamery / santa barbara 2015-10-24
Twilight of the Idols Republic 2015-05-12
Shoot the Moon Trailside 2015-05-12
Return Jedi Buttermilks 2015-01-28
Mr. Bigglesworth Low Titanic North 2013-08-23
The Great Escape Grand wall 2013-07-10
Solitaire Sit Buttermilks 2013-04-14
Standing Kill Order Happy Boulders 2013-02-19
Bang On Stand Unknown Crag 2012-11-17 Need to try the start now
Red Rum sd Happy Boulders 2012-11-06
Blank Generation SDS Horse Flats / main area 2012-03-21 One hard move. my style.
Supernova Jupiter Boulders / terra firma cosmonaut 2011-12-19
Tour de France Sit Unknown Crag 2011-07-26
The Fury Unknown Crag 2011-07-26
Soul Shine Unknown Crag 2011-07-26
Bates Eliminant Sit Unknown Crag 2011-07-26
Acid Wash Happy Boulders 2010-08-24
Center Direct Buttermilks 2010-08-24
Human Contra-ban Happy Boulders 2010-08-24
Free Willy North Mountain 2010-08-24
Steep Sharma Arete Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Teflon Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
No Troublems Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Beefcake Sad Boulders 2010-08-24
Slow dance Happy Boulders 2010-08-24
Action Jackson Happy Boulders 2010-08-24
Low Rider Happy Boulders 2010-08-24
One Mule Wonder Buttermilks 2010-08-24
Big Nose Milley North Mountain 2010-08-24
A Good Day for a Swiss Crisp Mix Unknown Crag 2010-08-24 2go
stretch armstrong Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Worm World Low Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Salad Shooter Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
velcro Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
the seam Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
The Right Road Boardwalk 2010-08-24 Great line
White Angel Traverse Stoney Point / pile ups 2010-05-11
Bubba Gump Buttermilks 2009-04-14
N.N. Stoney Point 2008-05-13 Mosaic thump into traverse with an early exit.
Perpetual Darkness Unknown Crag 2007-12-15
Lion's Cage Unknown Crag 2007-12-15 FA?
talon Unknown Crag 2007-12-15
Jeremiah High Coal Creek / scoop 2020-05-17
North shore Mile marker 268 2020-04-23
animal sayersville 2020-04-20
cheat death Thunder Ridge / wasp canyon 2020-01-26
Extra alienated Endovalley 2019-10-13
Get High and Fly Rock shop 2019-07-06 really fun!
The Dali Mt Evans / area a 175a0 2019-06-09 So good!
La Dona Electric Ocean 2018-11-04 Possible FA? Start left of Le Don on a gaston and after gaining a flat crimp jump to the lip.
Handicapps RMNP / lower chaos 2018-07-13
Milkman Dairy Canyon 2018-03-31
Fear of a Black Hat Kraft Boulders 2018-02-15
Queen Sweet Nectar Left Buttermilks 2017-11-14
iron fly Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Michael Caine Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Twin Cracks Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Resurrection North walls 2017-10-15
Science Friction Icebergs 2017-05-21 probs v9
The Fountainhead Black Velvet 2016-12-30
slice and dice Kraft Boulders 2016-12-29
Bitch Slap 5 Kraft 2016-12-29
Dark Matter The Underground 2016-01-31 One of my all time favorites
Broken Flowers Real Hidden Valley 2015-12-20 Spooky
Bittersweet Hidden Valley 2015-05-16
Cocktail sauce Buttermilks 2014-03-28
Scare Tactics Kraft Boulders 2013-12-18
The Sail Mad Meadows 2013-07-10
Queen Sweet Nectar Buttermilks 2013-02-10
Grindrite sit Happy Boulders 2012-11-26
Dance the night away Happy Boulders 2012-11-06
Unemployed Black Astronaut Jupiter Boulders 2011-12-19
heel-a-peel Unknown Crag 2011-07-26
Soul Caliber Unknown Crag 2011-07-26
The Cackler Unknown Crag 2011-07-26
Hop Scotch Unknown Crag 2011-07-19 So fun. Great rock.
Moonraker Buttermilks 2010-08-24
Cholos Happy Boulders 2010-08-24
The Slunk Sad Boulders 2010-08-24
Year of the Cat Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Eliminator Traverse Stoney Point / powerglide boulder 2010-08-24
big chicken resurrection 2010-08-24 2go
Freeze Short Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Angus Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Mosiac Thump Stoney Point 2010-08-24
Worm World Cave Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Sesame Street Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Transmaniacon sit Boulder Basin 2009-07-16
Soul Slinger Buttermilks 2007-11-10
Parking Problem Buttermilks 2007-11-10
Love Matters Guanella Pass / beyond matters 2020-06-27
Chimichanga Stand Coal Creek 2020-05-17
Last Stand Coal Creek / scoop 2020-05-17
41st Street Mile marker 268 2020-04-23
Free Basin Stand Wild Basin 2019-10-20
Garfield Wild Basin 2019-10-20
Freaks and Geeks Lower Chaos 2019-09-28
Kryptonite Mt Evans / lincoln lake 2019-08-24
Toxic Shock Guanella Pass / mind matters 2019-07-27
Sex After Death East Mountain 2019-01-27 Great climb but oh so sharp
Le Don Widowmakers 2018-11-03
Right El Jorge Chaos Canyon 2018-09-23
Skipper D Chaos Canyon 2018-09-23
Storm Troopers Paradise Valley 2017-11-14
Croft Problem Buttermilks 2017-11-14
gleaming the cube Buttermilks 2017-11-14
The Rookie Grand wall 2017-11-14
Gang Bang Arete Lower Chaos 2017-09-11
Junior's Achievement Buttermilks 2017-03-27
Brian's Project Buttermilks 2017-03-27
911 Pine Mountain / happy hunting grounds 2015-11-10
Loh Roof OK 2015-02-08
Mantra Grand wall 2013-07-10
Air Flash Gordon Jupiter Boulders 2011-12-19
Suck my Venus Jupiter Boulders 2011-12-19
Captain America Unknown Crag 2011-07-19 Found new beta and got the FA! stoked.
Velvet Revolver Unknown Crag 2011-06-26
Pow Pow Sad Boulders 2010-08-24
Fly Boy Sit Buttermilks 2010-08-24
It's All About Love Sad Boulders 2010-08-24
powerband west Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Gibb's Cave Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
the bulb Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
stegasaur North Mountain 2010-08-24
fixing the car Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Mr. Bigglesworth Unknown Crag 2010-07-05
Checkerboard Buttermilks 2008-04-13
Whale Shark Thunder Ridge / quarry wall 2020-01-26
Gangsters Paradise Wild Basin 2019-10-26
Geeks of the Industry Lower Chaos 2019-09-15
Red Herring Mt Evans / lincoln lake 2019-08-24
Compression Matters Guanella Pass / mind matters boulder 2019-07-27
Windy in a Basket Upper Chaos 2019-07-23
Starry night Rock shop / space 2019-07-09
Big iron on his hip North Mountain 2019-01-23
The Ojos Unknown Crag 2018-05-01
Ghost Dog Y-M-C-A 2018-04-30
Dream Tiger Captains Junk Area 2018-04-14
The Wind Below Left Fork 2018-03-31
Anubis Grand wall 2017-11-14
Ramen Raw Apron Boulders 2017-11-14
The Fuzz Campground Boulders 2017-11-14
Squealing Pork The Farm 2017-11-14
Potato Chip Lower Chaos 2017-09-12
Mikala Lower Chaos 2017-09-12
Tommy's Arete Lower Chaos 2017-09-11
Saigon Buttermilks 2017-03-26
Pumping Monzonite Cap Rock 2015-12-20
Chili Sauce Cap Rock 2015-12-13
Tour de France Tour de France 2015-02-08
Born Under Punches 4th Gate Boulders 2015-02-08
Adamantium Rounded Boulders 2015-02-08
Angel dyno Kraft Boulders 2013-12-18
King Dinosaur Lizard's Mouth 2013-01-20
High Plains Drifter Buttermilks 2012-10-07
Action Figure Happy Boulders 2012-02-23
Cindy Swank Buttermilks 2010-08-24
Daily Dick Dose North Mountain 2010-08-24
Babyface North Mountain 2010-08-24
Swing Dance Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Over The Boardwalk Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Airtight Garage Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Blue Flame Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Johnson's Arete Stoney Point / split rock 2010-08-24
Golden Boy Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Mindbender Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Scatterbrain Hidden Valley Campground 2020-05-05
Nicole Overhang Planet X 2020-05-05
Fun Bags Roy / jumbles 2020-03-22
Mavericks Mile marker 268 2020-03-17
Dharma Bums Wild Basin 2019-10-26
Odie Wild Basin 2019-10-21
V6-Bushpilot warmup boulder Lower Chaos 2019-09-15
Mini Dagger Wild Basin 2019-06-01
See Spot Run North Mountain 2019-01-23
WILLS A FIRE Left Fork 2018-03-31
Scary Monsters Left Fork 2018-03-31
Vertical Ice Dairy Canyon 2018-03-31
Change of Heart Buttermilks 2017-11-14
fly boy Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Sunshine and Lollipops Grand wall 2017-11-14
Green Wall Center Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Smooth Shrimp Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Chicken Lips and Assholes The Farm 2017-11-14
Lounge Act Easy Chair 2017-11-14
Phat Slab Survivor 2017-11-14
Clawing at the Walls Pine Mountain / the keep 2015-11-10
Dan Osman Arete OK Corral 2015-02-08
Milk the Milks Buttermilks 2012-11-06
The Hulk Happy Boulders 2012-11-05 Great
Hummingbird Bishop Peak 2012-10-10
Sock Hop Pine Mountain / lower ridge 2011-10-15
Gleaming The Cube Unknown Crag 2010-11-10
Every Color You Are Happy Boulders 2010-08-24
Rio's Crack Sad Boulders 2010-08-24
Powerglide Stoney Point / eat out more often 2010-08-24
Action Figure Happy Boulders 2010-08-24
Seven Spanish Angels Buttermilks 2010-08-24
Cave Route Buttermilks 2010-08-24
yabo mantle Stoney Point 2010-08-24
Sit Down to Holm Boy Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
middle cave Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Bacterial Mile marker 268 2020-04-19
Lord of the flies Rock shop 2019-07-08
Dragonfly East Mountain 2019-01-20
Hobbit in a Blender East Mountain 2019-01-20
Gatorade New Joe's 2018-03-27
Leary/Bard Arete Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Molly Sad Boulders / molly 2017-11-14
Suspended in Silence Pollen Grains 2017-11-14
Hog Wild The Farm 2017-11-14
Wafer Thin Black Dyke 2017-11-14
Perfectly Chicken Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Suspenders Druid Stones 2017-11-14
Prime Time Sit Murrin Park 2017-11-14
Space Monkey North Wall 2017-11-14
Viper Viper 2017-11-14
Autobot Lower Chaos 2017-09-11
Serengeti Happy Boulders 2012-11-26
Smooth Criminal Brickyard / the far right 2012-02-05
Watch the Dog Brickyard / the far right 2012-02-05
Sky diver Pine Mountain / happy hunting grounds 2011-10-15
Flyboy Arete Buttermilks 2011-07-26
Mr. Happy Happy Boulders 2011-07-26
Go Granny Go Buttermilks 2010-08-24
the cube Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Swank Stretch Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Lobster Claw North Mountain 2010-08-24
tim's sloper problem Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
The Crystal Method Rock Lady 2010-08-24
It's About Time Unknown Crag 2010-07-06
Child Abuse Grand wall 2017-11-14
Shots Fired Apron Boulders 2017-11-14
Sloppy Poppy Black Dyke 2017-11-14
Squamish Special Grand wall 2017-11-14
Skin Graft Grand wall 2017-11-14
Tea Bag Undies Black Dyke 2017-11-14
Thighmaster Thighmaster 2017-11-14
420 at the Underground The Underground 2016-01-31
The Pearl Kraft Boulders / red rocks a0043 2013-12-18
Enchanted Paradise Valley 2013-07-10 Tall!
Call Me Lizard's Mouth / santa barbara 2013-01-21
Ketron Classic Happy Boulders 2012-11-26
Jedi Mind Tricks Pollen Grains 2012-11-06
Yeti Brickyard / santa barabara 2012-02-05
Big Chicken Happy Boulders 2011-07-26
Stem Gem Hidden Valley Campground 2010-08-24
Easy in an Easy Chair Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Trad Killer Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Black Mark Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Cutting edge Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Tai Fighter Enchanted Boulders 2010-08-24
World's Best Boulder Problem Rock Lady 2010-08-24
Iron Man Traverse Buttermilks 2010-08-24
Girls of juarez North Mountain 2010-08-24
Aquaman Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
superfly Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
sloppy poppy Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Timeless Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Practical Horseman Easy Chair 2010-08-24
Pulling Teeth Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Ground Beef North walls 2010-08-24
White Rastafarian Outback 2020-05-05
Old and Serious Viper 2017-11-14
Tyler's Dihedral The Burial Grounds 2017-11-14
Birthday Skyline Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Lidija's Mouth Pollen Grains 2017-11-14
Heaven on Top Pine Mountain / happy hunting grounds 2015-11-10
Monkey Hang Happy Boulders 2012-11-26
Slap Happy Happy Boulders 2012-11-26
Funky Tut Buttermilks 2012-02-23
King Tut Buttermilks 2012-02-23
Birthday Direct Buttermilks 2010-08-24
Crackhead Grand wall 2010-08-24
American Gigolo Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
wwf action Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Wild Kingdom Grand wall 2010-08-24
Slot Machine Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Hulksters Humpfest Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Gunsmoke Traverse Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Titanic Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
double decker Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Pulling Teeth Left Grand wall 2010-08-24
Timeline Mt Evans / area a 175a0 2020-05-03 That last move
supernova Rock shop / space 2019-07-08
Indian Ladder Mt Evans / area a 175a0 2019-06-09 Great warmup
The Angler Left Fork 2018-03-31
Green Wall Essential Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Hydrogen Clean Boulders 2017-11-14
Left Rib Viper 2017-11-14
Prime Time Murrin Park 2017-11-14
sheepherder Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Hulkster's Humpfest Grand wall 2017-11-14
Left Brain Thighmaster 2017-11-14
Pinhead The Outback 2015-12-13
Potato Chips Kraft Boulders / red rocks a0043 2013-12-11
The Chube Barker Dam 2010-08-24
Cheese Grater Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Nobody Here Gets Out Alive North Mountain 2010-08-24
Heartbreak Hotel Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
option B Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Paperboy Lipsmack 2010-08-24
Birthday Left Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Good Morning Sunshine Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Buttermilk Stem Buttermilks 2017-11-14
Detached Flake The Farm 2017-11-14
Dyke Surfer Easy Chair 2017-11-14
squamish days Viper 2017-11-14
Summer Vacation Black Dyke 2017-11-14
Superfly Slab Superfly 2017-11-14
Lord of the Flies Lizard's Mouth 2013-01-21
Celestial Trail Happy Boulders 2012-11-26
Heavenly Path Happy Boulders 2010-08-24
fried ant Unknown Crag 2010-08-24
Detatched Flake The Farm 2010-08-24