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Itai Axelrad

Brickyard, CA

It had been too long since I last climbed on rock. A climbing trip had to be planned this weekend. A few friends were headed to Yosemite but unfortunately I was unable to join them. However, I was able to make a day trip to the Santa Barbra mountains instead.

It was a beautiful day in Santa Barbra. A friend had mentioned to me that a sit down start to a problem had broken and had not been resent yet. The problem, which is called Grotesque Old Woman, starts on small crimps and big moves before topping out on some horrible slopers. I gave the project a few goes but the slopers were in direct sun so I decided to return later that day for better temps.

Itai climbing a moderate at the Brickyard, photo by Cody.

I returned to the project and sent it first go. The sit start to Grotesque Old Woman was speculated at V10 before the break; however, I don’t think the break added enough difficulty to make the problem a grade harder.

I can’t wait to return to the Brickyard to finish all the other projects it has to offer.