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Itai Axelrad

Malibu Bouldering

Climbing in 90 percent humidity, 90 degree weather is less than ideal. Isaac, Miguel, Mariana, Eden and I discovered this yesterday while trying some of Malibu Creeks’s finest climbs. We still enjoyed the day despite the heat. Here are some photos:

Eden holding on to the sweating 2 finger roof pocket on Chubs (V11)
Itai trying his luck on the Malibu Project (V14). Photo by Isaac Palat
Miguel climbing up the Malibu classic, Ghetto Blaster (5.13b)
Isaac figuring out the sequence on a Project
Isaac pulling through the next move on the Project
Itai, on a roof climb (V3)
Itai climbing another pocket overhang (V5)

- Itai