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Eden Axelrad

Spring Break in Cabo

Cody, Itai and I headed up to Bishop (ok I lied, whatever) early on Sunday morning. We grabbed a quick breakfast in IndependenceLone Pine Big Pine (?) and headed straight for the Buttermilks where we met up with Marina, Jake and Chris. Here are a few photos from day uno y dos.

Chris sending Center Direct (V10)
Itai shaking off on a jug after a flash of Cocktail Sauce (V8/10)
Itai running up a slab on the backside of the Saigon boulder
Itai working a lukewarm slab on the roadside boulders

On day 2 we headed up to the classic High Plains Drifter (V7), where the gang (and 17 other dude-man-bros) all had a solid session. Here are a few photos:

Marina reaching for the pinch
Jake placing the heel
Cody throwing for the crimp
Itai and Cody taking in the view after back-to-back ascents - choo choo!

Cody and Itai left early on day 3, and the rest of us decided to have a half day at the Happys before heading home. I’d be lying to you if I said it was complaint free, but hey, we had fun - right? Here are some pictures that make it seem like we had a chance of sending stuff that day…

Marina getting familiar with the moves on Morning Dove White (V8)
Working out the foot sequence on He Got Game (V11) - PC: Marina Campana

As always, it was wonderful to be outdoors. Can’t be more excited for this upcoming spring season. See you guys out there!

P.S. Congrats to Chris for sending The Buttermilker! yaa boooyyyy

- Eden