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Eden Axelrad

Buttermilks & Druid Stones

Cody, Itai and I drove out to Bishop on Friday afternoon for a weekend adventure. We got into the Buttermilks around 7:30 and decided to have a night session before turning in.

Itai taking a lap on some beautiful Bishop patina
Eden running a lap on the local secret and rarely climbed Iron Man
A long exposure of the night sky

The next day we got up early and ran out to Dale’s Camp. We had a long morning session on the immaculate Xavier’s Roof and then got on Green Hornet and Solitaire on the way out. By the time we got back to camp the sun was oppressive and we decided to take a long siesta.

Cody working the top moves of Xavier’s Roof (V11)
Eden on the classic Solitaire (V8)

Later that day we felt wiped and opted to kill a few hours by running up some easier classics. We also spent a lot of time up on highballs enjoying the view and beautiful, but not climbing friendly, weather.

Cody on the Green Wall (V2)
Itai on the left arete of the Green Wall
Itai and Cody taking in some sunshine

We woke up on Sunday morning feeling incredibly sore and sunburnt - yet, for some odd reason we decided to brave the Druid Stone hike. I have to say, we were pretty eager to check out this outlying area for the first time, despite what we’d heard about the approach. The Druid boulders are scattered over a mountain ridge that overlooks the valley and the town of Bishop. The approach takes about 45 minutes, and by the end you gain 1,200 feet of elevation. On the way up I was stopping every few minutes in order to avoid keeling over take photos of our progress. Below is a photo I took from about 3/4 of the way up the hike. The arrow should help you find our starting point (my car).

The arrow is pointing at a black pixel which happens to be my car

The hike was definitely heinous, but worth the quality of climbs out at the Druids. We spent hours climbing exclusively area classics and enjoying the view.

Itai warming up on Fear of the Unknown (V3)
Cody topping out on Prostrate to the Higher Mind (V5)
Itai on Suspenders (V5)
Cody on Suspenders (V5)
Eden on Suspenders (V5)
Eden on You Can Cry If You Want To (V1)
Eden on the burly Cayla (V7)

Although we managed to put a significant dent in our Druid Stones tick list, we vowed to return and finish off the list in cooler temps.

Till next time,