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Itai Axelrad

Las Vegas

My brother and I arrived in Red Rock Canyon mid-day, excited and ready to climb, but as we hiked the short approach into Pine Creek Canyon, our enthusiasm was dampened by the heat. We had our eyes set on a short and powerful problem called Siren’s Call, but unfortunately couldn’t manage a send before the 7 o’clock Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area closing time.

The beautiful Pine Creek Canyon
Eden on Siren’s Call, (V11/12)

We awoke the next morning and ventured out into the Kraft Boulders in search of a shady climb. We played around on the Monkey Bars boulder before it got too crowded.

Eden on the dynamic climb The Redirect, (V12)
Eden, warming down on the shady Perfect Poser, (V1)

By mid-day the heat was unbearable and we decided to toss in the towel and head to the Las Vegas strip to join a group of friends by a pool. It looks like the end of the season is upon us.

- Itai