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Eden Axelrad


On Saturday Cody, Itai and I drove out to The Tramway and met up with Isaac, Alexandra and Alex. We were hoping that the recent “drop” in weather would lend for a nice day of climbing outdoors. It had been roughly a month since I got to climb outdoors, and much longer since I had touched granite - so I was very excited for the trip.

Before the trip I was itching to jump on Black Mamba (V12) and see if it was a viable summer project. During the day Itai and I managed two separate sessions on it, by the end of which we had completely unlocked the beta and executed every move. Unfortunately we both received flappers/splits in the process and were unable to continue once temps became more favorable. Below is a shot of me staring down the low percentage deadpoint on the Mamba.

The deadpoint move on Black Mamba (V12)

After the morning session near the Swing Dance and Blue Flame boulders we headed up the mountain to a cluster of boulders that none of us had been to before. It got recommended to Alex because of a “classic” lowball V5 called How I Wasted Your Time - or something along those lines. Since it was a new place, the crew got to test out some of the other climbs in the area, like the one pictured below.

Cody cruising up a V4 with a nice view

We finished up in the new area and decided to search for Emerald City. I had never been to this Tramway classic, and I was amazed at the quality of the line. Emerald City climbs up a 25-30 foot slab face, and offers a beautiful panoramic view as a topping out present. Highly recommended.

Itai working his way up a V5 just to the right of Emerald City

We finished up our day with a goodbye lap on White Flight, another immaculate highball.

Cody on the last move of White Flight (V3)

I had a solid day trip out at Tramway and can’t wait to get back on some granite in the near future. Seriously, granite is like the best. I can’t even.

- Eden