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Itai Axelrad

Black Mountain

Cody and I set out Friday night to meet up with Joe, Sara and Jason at Black Mountain. We battled heavy traffic the whole way but eventually made it, ready for a night of sleep. Unfortunately, due to recent rain, the dirt road up to the basin campgrounds was too much for our low clearance vehicles. After a short nap we tried our luck at a different campsite and called it a night.

We awoke after very little sleep, so I decided to get the gang on the infamous Big Greeny in hopes of waking everyone up some more. I think it worked.

Cody, a move away from peeling off the wall.
Joe, staying composed on the committing last move.

After running through the warm-up circuit, I showed everyone some harder moderates including the classics Tour de France and Hopscotch.

Cody, on a problem I put up several years ago called Captain America.
Joe, on the elevator door move of Tour de France Sit.
Cody on Tour de France.

Sunday was hot and we were tired but of course we still found the energy to climb. I took the crew out towards the Lion’s Main boulder which I had never been to before. Making committing moves up high in the noon sun was rather draining, and most of the group decided to head home. Cody and I stayed for a few more hours, working some projects and hiking around.

Jason slabbing it up.
Cody, figuring out his beta on Loh Roof.
Chalk Heart

It was nice to get back out to Black Mountain and play tour guide for a weekend with some good friends. I’m hoping they’ll be back soon (with better temps).

- Itai