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Eden Axelrad

Potter's Point

Last weekend I headed out to Potter’s Point with Itai and Cody in order to explore a new area and meet up with Joe. Unfortunately we got lost on the way in, and spent an extra hour in the car fighting off feelings of frustration and motion sickness. After our prolonged tour of the Santa Barbara hills we managed to locate the crag with enough time for a solid half day of climbing.

The area classic, Debra (V8), turned out to be very enjoyable. The line features fun movement, a committing crux, and a proud topout. Itai and I managed to put it down in a couple of goes, and Cody got agonizingly close.

Cody working out the moves on Debra

After our session on Debra, we headed toward The Brute (V9). Joe, Itai, and I were able to snag the stand, and began unlocking the beta for the sit. Unfortunately no one got the send, but I have a feeling we will be back shortly!

Working The Brute Sit (V11)

- Eden