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Itai Axelrad


Though day trips have been a plenty, a full weekend trip had been a long time coming. I have missed those compounding aches, pains and sunburns that only multiple days on can offer. Not to mention stargazing, which I regard as the cure to the common lack of perspective.

Cody and I drove through the night and awoke beneath Mount Tom and Basin as Eden and Jovanna hit the road out to Bishop. It was our first trip back in nearly a year, and my fingers were nervous thinking of all of the small abrasive crimps that the milks have to offer. Though it was crowded and warm as hell (is it really February?), we still managed to get on enough climbs to be properly humbled.

Eden, dunking the “thank god” jug to finish off the amazing Xavier’s Roof (V11).
Cody, figuring out how Gastonia (V8) got its name.
Not a bad view from the tent.

We thrashed ourselves all weekend on ambitious projects and, as always, have a lot to come back to. It’s always difficult to leave a place of such austere beauty - especially when your car has a flat tire.

Till next time, Bishop.

- Itai