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Itai Axelrad

Snowy Tram Trip

I met Alex, Hank and Adam out at the warm up area just off the trail. We planned on a lazy day trip and got a late start. It was still cold in the noon time sun as we made our way to the Dance Floor area to test our fingers on some of the classics. Some snow could still be spotted on the ground from the previous storm.

Adam, sporting the man-bun on Standing On The Head Of A Dragon, (V4).
Hank getting some air under his feet on White Flight, (V3).

I felt warmed-up and gave Stretch Armstrong a practice lap before attempting the sit down start. Unfortunately on my first send go I ripped out of the last pocket and landed on the pads with nothing but a flapper to show for it. Oh well.

We all agreed that our trip was over and drove down to Palm Springs to claim our consolation prize, Margaritas!

- Itai