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Eden Axelrad

Happy Bishop

Jovanna and I drove up to Bishop early Saturday morning for a full day at the Happy Boulders. It had been a year since I’d last been to Bishop, and even longer since I climbed at the tablelands. I was excited to be back!

Mount Tom, draped in snow

We spent the morning meandering through the canyon floor and jumping on fun classics.

Jovanna running up Mmm… Nice

It started heating up and getting more crowded so we headed up the canyon side so I could jump on He Got Game (V11). After figuring out the beta for the crux sequences exiting the roof, I managed to send!

The crux sequence on He Got Game (V11)
Another angle of the same move

We continued climbing throughout the afternoon until our skin had us stop.

Jovanna, climbing Paranormal in the West Country (V1) on our way out

It was great getting out to the Sierras and I can’t wait to get back!

- Eden