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Eden Axelrad

Moe's Valley

Jovanna and I headed up to Zion for a short, but much deserved (on her part) vacation. We decided to make a quick pit-stop in Moe’s Valley during our Utah adventure. At first it was tough to navigate due to the fact that we did not have a guidebook, but we managed to find the valley of boulders and enjoyed a full day of climbing. We were not disappointed!

View of the valley
A V6 on the Settlers of Catan Boulder

After warming up and getting a feel for the area I decided to jump on Show of Hands (V11) - which I had my eye on since before the trip. This beautiful line climbs out of a roof on perfect incut crimps and finishes on a tall slab. I was happy to take this one down!

Show of Hands (V11)

We spent the rest of the day trying out boulder problems and exploring the new area.

Jovanna working the moves on Whelmed (V4)
The Fridge (V4)
Jovanna sending Steamfunk (V2)
Spectro (V6)
Israil Direct (V8)

One day was not enough. I can’t wait to be back!

- Eden