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Itai Axelrad

Springtime In The Milks

Eden and I made the easy decision to spend our 22nd birthday (just kidding we’re old) out in Buttermilk country. The weather forecast suggested that it might be the last manageable weekend of the season in terms of temperature. Despite the non-ideal heat, we tested ourselves on some Bishop testpieces and even surprised ourselves with some good links on the thuggy A Scanner Darkly (pictured below).

A Scanner Darkly (V12)
Eden makes quick work of Scenic Crank Low (V11)
Eden, chalking up on the beautiful Cuban Roll (V3)
The Swarm (V13/14) in all its crimping glory
What remains of Eden’s finger after trying The Swarm.
Vitaly, topping out a dream (/nightmare) boulder, Evilution Direct (V11).

Even though Eden’s flapper put an early end to our weekend, it was capped with Vitaly’s send of his multi-year project, Evilution Direct (pictured above). Exciting to be a witness to it all!

Till next season!

- Itai