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Eden Axelrad

Season Opener at the Tram!

Itai and I headed up to Tramway on Saturday for the first time in a year. We decided to start the day by jumping on our project - Black Mamba (V12). This line adds a sit start to Stretch Armstrong, a low percentage one-move-wonder V10. We both got agonizingly close, falling on the last move many times. Definitely feels like it’ll go down this summer!

Screengrab of Itai on Black Mamba (V12)
Me on the same

After working Black Mamba for a while, we headed up the hill to the Icebergs to jump on Greenpeace Sit (V10) and Science Friction (V10). We made quick work of both!

Itai sending Greenpeace Sit (V10)
Me on Science Friction (V10)

On the way out we stopped by Osama (V10), which Itai gave a few goes on. But by this time we were pretty wiped, so this one will have to wait for next time!

Itai sticking the opening move on Osama

See you out there!