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Itai Axelrad

Squamish (Part II)

Cody and I were left alone in the campsite and relegated to a party of two. We kept up the motivation and made it a goal not to take any rest days and climb as many problems as we could. This involved checking out new areas that we had never been to on previous trips, but first, we spent some time in the familiar grand wall area and filled all the unchecked boxes in our guidebook.

Cody, balancing on the stellar Old and Serious, V3
Cody, taking down the nemesis climb It’s About Time, V5

Next up was Murrin Park, just a few minutes south of Squamish. Both Cody and I ticked off several 4 and 5 star lines. I put down the area test piece after a short sport climbing break.

Squeezing hard on The Summoning, V12

Though we had both spent some time in the north wall areas earlier in the trip, we still had plenty new climbs to check out. On my last day in the forest, we got out to the newly developed Lost World. Though we got lost trying to find it, the thrashing was worth it. I even managed a surprising send of the area test piece despite the sore muscles and split tips. A great note to end the amazing trip on.

Making the long reach on Tyler’s Dihedral, V3
Cody, warming up in The Farm area
Cody on The Land That Time Forgot, V?
Holding the swing on The Squaminator, V12

Feels strange to be back home in the city and out of the beautiful forest. Hopefully knowing that fall is right around the corner will propel our motivation through the last bit of summer heat in California. For now, we’ll be escaping the heat out in the higher elevations of Tramway, Black and perhaps RMNP.

- Itai