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Eden Axelrad

RMNP 2018

Last Friday I set out on a week long climbing trip / vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park. I started the first half of the trip with Jovanna. We spent our first two days exploring the park and hiking. The weather was nice and the leaves were turning! On Sunday we ventured up to Lower Chaos for our first day of climbing in the park.

View of the Aspen on the way up to Lower Chaos
View of Lake Haiyaha from Lower Chaos
Jovanna taking a lap on one of the warm up boulders
Re-learning the beta on Nuthin’ But Sunshine (V13)

On Monday we hiked up to Emerald Lake and Jovanna said goodbye to RMNP. Early on Tuesday I dropped her off at the airport and picked up Itai. We rested that day, but headed in to the park on Wednesday for some climbing. We tried out new climbs and jumped on older projects. However, by midday it was already too hot for climbing and we headed back to town.

Thankfully on Thursday temperatures dropped significantly. I was finally able to send Nuthin’ But Sunshine! We explored Upper Chaos in the afternoon before heading back. Here are some photos from those two days.

Itai working European Human Being (V12)
Me sending Nuthin’ But Sunshine (V13)!
Itai on Top Notch (V13)
Me on Top Notch (V13)
View of the lake from Upper Chaos

On our last day (Friday) we met up with Isaac and Zach for a full day in the park. We started out in Lower Chaos where we warmed up and I jumped on Secret Splendor (V12). I managed to finish it up after falling off the top the day before. After that we headed to Upper Chaos. Our first stop was at Blood Money (V12) where Itai and Isaac both easily fired the stand (which goes at about V10) and got agonizingly close to linking it from the start.

In the afternoon we jumped on some more Upper Chaos classics like Skipper D and the El Jorge boulder. Overall it was a great day with good company and a nice way to end the trip!

Me on Secret Splendor (V12)
Isaac getting so close on Blood Money (V12)
Zach topping out Skipper D (V8)
Itai on the classic Skipper D (V8)
Itai on Right El Jorge (V8)
Zach turning the lip on Right El Jorge (V8)
Itai on Left El Jorge (V8)

See you out there,