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Eden Axelrad

Joshua Tree - Round 2

On Saturday I drove out with Jovanna to Joshua Tree for my second weekend in a row at the park. We met up with Cody and Wynne at Barker Damn where we warmed up and jumped on a few classics. It was pretty hot by mid day so we stopped for lunch and waited for the shade to creep across the JBMFP area - where we spent a good portion of the afternoon. After that I had a brief sunset session on the project (Iron Resolution) while the gang supported me and nursed beers. Can’t wait for round three!

Cody on High Noon (V5)
Me on JBMFP (V5)
Cody enjoying a fun slab
Slow progress on Iron Resolution (V13)
Jovanna taking in the beautiful desert sunset

See you out there!

- Eden