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Eden Axelrad

Another Yose Trip

During our last trip out to the Valley, Cody and Joe kindly invited me to crash their upcoming Yosemite weekend - I couldn’t say no! Saturday was our first day in the park and I split up from Cody and Joe while they tackled a multi-pitch route. I started off at the Bridalvail boulders and then headed over to Housekeeping before it got too warm and I called it in. I made quick work of The Seam (V11), Conan (V9), and Athletes Die Young (V5) - which were all superb. I also got really close on Wall to Wall Carpet Sit (V11), but will have to come back for it.

The Seam (V11)
Working Wall to Wall Carpet Sit (V11)
Athletes Die Young (V5)
Holding the swing on Conan (V9)

There was a cold snap on Sunday and the temperature was set to drop about 25 degrees. Cody, Joe, and I decided to spend our morning in the Candyland sector before heading back home. We got to sample some stellar Yosemite classics including Once Upon a Time (V3) and The Diamond (V8). Later, Joe and I battled Shadow Warrior (V12) and nearly came out with sends - but the long weekend’s fatigue set in and we couldn’t link it up from the start. There’s so much to come back for in Yosemite and I can’t wait for my next trip!

The ultra-classic The Diamond (V8)
Putting in work on Shadow Warrior (V12) with Joe

See you out there!

- Eden